Social Media Management

Carry your company’s brand to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all other social media networks. Keep your customers informed with current information on your company’s products, services and your marketplace. Our social media integration package fully synchronizes Facebook, Twitter and YouTube content. Any post to your site, including video, will automatically update on your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

Manage all your social media platforms simply from one place!

Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are online industry mainstays and being absent these platforms is no longer an option.

We will help you create accounts on all the main social media platforms with customized designs. Once your pages are created, we offer a monthly social media management package that allows you to focus on your business while we help you manage and grow your network on social media.

Make sure you properly invest the time and money needed to make sure your company is properly branded with a streamline look across all platforms to match your website and marketing materials. We will help you create or enhance existing social media profiles, increase your followers based on demographics, integrate your social media into your website and communications materials and handle regular updates to engage customers and keep your company front-of-mind.

Relevante Media will also help you enter the blogosphere and help you create and maintain a blog to drive customers to your business as a go-to source. A blog is time-consuming, involving writing new blog posts 3-times a week, replying to and moderating comments and analyzing blog content which you want to be both friendly to your readers and the search engines alike – let us take care of this for you!

We will help you with:

  • Blog design
  • Keyword research with Google search optimization
  • Original, engaging content to post
  • Schedule blog posting, pinging, bookmarking and link-wheeling

Want more information? Contact us today, or visit US on Facebook to see what we can do for you!

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