Design a smarter letter mailer


Sales letters are one of the most common forms of direct mail. One might be tempted to think that the design and layout of a sales letter is a pretty cut-and-dry project. However, before you set your typestyle to 12-point Times New Roman and call it a day, consider these proven tactics to get more out of your sales letter.

Use bold, italics and underlines
Draw attention to the most important, motivating phrases of your letter using bold, italics or underlines. Be careful to use these tactics properly and sparingly. Overusing them can create a reverse effect, causing the page to look cluttered with nothing standing out.

Use indentations
Indenting paragraphs or lists of information help to create texture within your layout and set certain information off from the rest of your letter.

Use bullets to highlight lists
Breaking up your text with a bulleted list is a great way to grab your readers’ attention. Pair this technique with an indentation to draw even more attention to the list.

Include a P.S. note
Studies show that about 80% of people actually read the P.S. note first. To make the most of this behavior, its in your best interest to make sure the P.S. reads quickly and is set in an interesting and noticeable manner.

Handwritten notes
Adding a handwritten call-out or note in the margin of your letter creates an authentic, personal feel to your letter. For an added response, try using the handwritten technique on your P.S. note

Don’t forget the envelope
It’s easy to get so caught up in your letter that you forget all about the vehicle that carries it. Using a mysterious and motivating tagline is a great way to add some drama to your outer envelope. Don’t forget that a well-chosen image can sometimes increase the motivation factor of your envelope as well.

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